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Progressive stringing

Category : Strings

Posted On: 13 August, 2011 15:45:38

Posted by: gianni tessari


Category : Tennis Rackets

Posted On: 07 April, 2011 14:36:06

Posted by: Sam Chan

Black Power Pads

Category : Racquet Stringing

Posted On: 14 February, 2011 17:21:16

Posted by: Sam Chan

ERT usage

Category : Racquet Stringing

Posted On: 27 January, 2011 07:17:37

Posted by: Mathew Mathew

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Racquet types

With so many different racquets on the market today it can be very confusing when deciding which one to buy or when recommending to customers. However, all the racquets on the market can be split into three broad categories: beginner racqu...More

String tension

String tension is an easy concept to understand. Higher tensions give more control. This is because when a ball impacts against tight strings it is compressed more and loses more energy. Higher tensions also give more spin and a crisper fe...More

String gauge

The gauge refers to the thickness of the string. Thicker strings have lower gauge numbers. For example, a 16 gauge string is thicker than a 17 gauge string. Most tennis strings are in the range of 15L to 19 (approximately 1.40-1-10 mm). A ...More

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